brandofinoJohn Brandofino, left, who scored 45 goals last season for Mahopac, picked up where he left on Tuesday, scoring six times in the Indians’ 11-5 win against Fordham Prep. Tyler Perrelle, who had 63 goals a year ago, scored four in the opener for Mahopac, which plays Somers on Thursday. (Jim Stout/

1997. 2006.

Those are the lone years Yorktown has not won a sectional championship since 1979.

Pretty amazing streak indeed.

Today, the ‘Huskers embark on their attempt to win a sectional title for the 28th time in 30 years as they host North Rockland in their season opener at 4:30 p.m. at Charlie Murphy Field.

Also today:

• Brewster, a 2008 Class B Section 1 finalist, visits Clarkstown South and talented goaltender Luke Haggerty at 6 p.m.

• Plainedge (3-0) visits Baldwin (2-1) at 4:30 p.m.

• Rockland rivals Albertus Magnus and Pearl River meet at 4:30 p.m. at Pearl River.

• Darien, the No. 22-ranked team in the nation, will be holding its annual intra-squad Blue-White scrimmage.

• Be sure to post any score updates you have on the “Today’s Top 5/Score updates” thread, check back for updates on other action and weigh in with your thoughts.

Score updates

Mahopac-Fordham Prep

Update 1: Mahopac 2, Fordham Prep 1 (after one quarter)

Update 2: Mahopac leads 4-1 midway through the second quarter

Update 3: Mahopac leads 4-2 at halftime

Update 4: Mahopac leads 6-2 midway through the third quarter

Update 5: Mahopac 7, Fordham Prep 3 (after three quarters)

Final: Mahopac 11, Fordham Prep 5

(Scroll down for a post-game report on Mahopac’s win over Fordham Prep)

North Rockland-Yorktown

Update 1: Yorktown leads 7-0 (in second quarter)

Update 2: Yorktown 14, North Rockland 1 (halftime)

Update 3: Yorktown 15, North Rockland 3 (after three quarters)

Final: Yorktown 17, North Rockland 4

Chaminade-St. Mary’s

Update 1: Chaminade 11-0 (halftime)

Final: Chaminade 17, St. Mary’s 1


Final: Wantagh 8, MacArthur 2

South Side-Cherry Creek, Colo.

Final: South Side 14, Cherry Creek 8

Other scores of note:

Corning East 15, Mercer Island, Wash. 5

From Long Island …

East Hampton 12, Commack 3
Holy Trinity 11, Kellenberg 6
Lynbrook 11, Long Beach 6
Rocky Point 6, Middle Country 5
Valley Stream Central 10, Malverne 9

Mahopac pulls away from Fordham Prep

By Jim Stout

John Brandofino scored six goals and Tyler Perrelle added four as Mahopac opened its season with an 11-5 win at home against Fordham Prep today.

Junior goalie Johnny McGuigan also played a key role in the win by the Indians by making 15 saves, nine of which came in the first half.

Mahopac led by only 4-2 at intermission before two quick scores by Brandofino and one by Perrelle early in the third period increased the lIndians’ lead to 7-2.

“Johnny (McGuigan) played extremely well for us, especially in that second quarter (five saves) ,” said Mahopac co-coach Mike Haddeland. “He started for us as a sophomore and we’re looking for even bigger things from him this season. 

Jacob. Armstrong had 10 ground balls for Mahopac and Chase Thompson and Okie Bernabo each contributed two assists.

First-half goals by Dennis Unrien and Connor Brown helped keep Fordham Prep close.

“We had some great opportunities in that second quarter,” said Fordham coach Len DeLucia. “We just couldn’t capitalize. Mahopac’s goalie played well.

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33 Responses to “Tuesday's Top 5/Score updates”

  1. aj says:

    Thats 79 Joe

  2. casual observer says:

    joe when are the new rankings coming out?

  3. ripo says:

    Brewster plays at 6:00pm at South tonight. Brewster 8- 3

  4. BrewCrew says:

    Brewster is very underrated and will show that by beating JJ on Thursday after lighting up South tonight…

  5. GreenWhite says:

    Way to look sharp in your opener Town. Good job boys. Go get Rye.

  6. ripo says:

    First beat clarkstown south before you open your mouth

  7. ripo says:

    Brewster 2 South 0 after 1st quaerter

  8. Tresser says:

    Yeh PAC. Stick it to Somers.

  9. EZLax says:

    Iona 15
    St Francis 4

  10. ripo says:

    Brewster 3 South 1 Half time. Haggerty lots of saves. Brewster is small

  11. just a fan says:

    Yorktown is starting to mesh and looked good today. Lots of talent off the bench from the soph’s. Should be an interesting stretch over the next week. Some tough teams coming up.

  12. Observer says:

    Good job with South-Brewster updates ripo. Keep em coming.

  13. Sau35 says:

    Lynbrook 11, Long Beach 6

  14. ripo says:

    Brewster 3 South 2 going into the 4th Q

  15. Laxittome says:

    Ripo is Brewster that bad or Haggerty that good or a combination?

  16. ripo says:

    Brewster lost 4-3 south out played them in the second half. both teams have good D. Bad loss for Brewster, have fun with JJ on Thurs.

  17. Laxittome says:

    WOW. That’s a huge upset. JJ may be down but should annihilate Brewster.

  18. syracuse says:

    I’m not overly surprised by that score. Haggerty is the man.

  19. LAX says:

    I have to admit, overconfident fans often amuse me. I’m not that surprised either with Brewster losing so much and Haggerty still playing for South.

  20. LAX says:

    And how about Yorktown coming out firing? Interlicchio scored 6 goals in the 1st half.

  21. MurphsFirePlace says:

    In the Town game it simply just looked as if our boys have been waiting for this game for oh i would say since that awful day at Hofstra! Good job boys, you did what you were supposed to do for the opener now go take care of business…

  22. syracuse says:

    MurphsFirePlace may be the best screen name in the history of … oh maybe the Internet!

  23. Jordan says:

    Syracuse, I completely agree. MurphsFirePlace has got to be the best one out there. I have such a vivid memory of hanging out at Murph’s place after the Empire Games. Murph wasn’t happy with us for losing to Central in the championship after beating them in the first round and wouldn’t come out of the house.

  24. ReL45 says:

    Mr. Murph would’ve been very pleased with this results for the opener. Nice games for Porcelli and Casey as well as Interlicchio …

  25. casual observer says:

    are you sure you want to know what I think about those rankings? lol just kidding my man but i do have some beef with JJ over prep. i know it was a scrimage but form everything i heard prep was the better team on the field without the COUNTRY’S leading points man. that qualifies them as a higher ranked team.

  26. S1wss says:

    Yeah some of these Town kids dont need much more motivation, you have last year down in Long Island, and then another gut shot for those who were playing football back in the fall, and now one of the brightest parts of sports, these kids will pull together to support a town facing tragedy…. thursday should be exciting and will be one hell of week come Saturday. I wonder how many people will be up Saturday, and i dont just mean St. Anthony’s and Yorktown guys, i mean guys from all the Section 1 teams, guys from Genny, Islip, Chaminade…. I think a lot of teams want to see how these two play each other to see how the A tournament will go down, and to see how good St. Anthony’s can play before a couple Chaminade match-ups

  27. casual observer says:

    I disagree but I at least understand where your coming from. should find out a little more about them this afternoon. btw how is the prep-bosco game(msg game of the week) not one of the top 5 games of the day?

  28. casual observer says:

    sry joe,
    I missed that one.

  29. just a fan says:

    I can tell you I will be in Yorktown Saturday to see this clash.

  30. yof says:

    when you replied to casual observer you said your not going to base it off of a scrimmage. With no direct comparison of the two teams available besides the scrimmage you have to base it off that, its the only way to be fair. You sound like people who said the Patriots were better than the Giants after Super Bowl 42. There is no evidence that JJ is better only that IP is.

  31. Joe Lombardi says:

    yof –

    I hear what you’re saying, but I guess I would say you can’t make any categorical determination off a scrimmage because, well, you can’t.

    The reason you can’t is because it’s not an actual game. Coaches do not coach a scrimmage the way they would coach a game and players often don’t play the same way either. It’s just different. Does it provide an indication? I suppose so. But that’s about all.

  32. ALLover says:

    What you think of that huge upeset brewster-south game.

  33. coming says:


    How do you think the scarsdale-south game will be

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